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科目名 課題解決型イノベーションのための文理レゾナンス 学期
科目区分 共通・総合・学際 曜日・時限 火2
教員名 単位 2
教授言語 J


授業概要 (Course Overview)


The Resonance Course in Collaborative Humanities-Sciences aims to introduce students to the value and methods of collaborative approaches, enabling them to attempt to address global issues through focusing on life innovations. Students are encouraged to develop a clear grasp of the current social situation and learn how to apply innovative skills drawn from advanced science and technology.

Unlike most general education course, which are passive in character, this course provides students with a high degree of actual practice in humanities-sciences collaboration, providing them with a valuable learning experience in which they are stimulated through directly engagement with subjects. Through taking this course, students will gain a solid understanding of the complex structures underlying the world, and gain the opportunity to approach them in a multifaceted and collaborative way in order to make a positive contribution to society.


授業の目的・到達目標と方法 (Goals & Methodology)


This course aims to encourage students to cultivate their interdisciplinary skills as well as build their practical knowledge of the resonances between the humanities and the sciences, through focusing on life innovations. By the end of the course, students are expected to understand how to integrate liberal arts and sciences, developing the skills and understanding of resonance vital to becoming a new generation of cutting-edge managers: “Smart and Tough Global Leaders.”