Faculty of Economics : Overview of the Global Leaders Program

Equipped with Specialized Knowledge and
Real-World Observation of Global Economics

As in the Faculty of Commerce and Management, all first year students are required to take the university-wide English skill courses, upon completion of which approximately 15 outstanding students will be selected at the end of their first year. Selection will be based on their English language skills, GPA, and so forth. In their second year, these students will take the Faculty’s own academic English classes and introductory seminars taught by foreign faculty members in English, through which they will improve their language skills to meet the level required for their study-abroad experience. Furthermore, they will experience aspects of the real world of global economics through participating in short-term overseas fieldwork held in developing countries in Asia or Europe from August to September. Detailed preparation for the fieldwork and the writing of reports in English afterwards will provide students with the opportunity to develop their analytical skills and contemplate solutions for various issues in the world.

In the third and fourth year, the students will undertake their study-abroad experience for one year. Upon their return, they will commence improving their language skills even further by taking high-level academic English skill classes and studying specialized subjects at the graduate level in English. A certificate and honors degree will be bestowed upon all students who have completed this program, but those who have outstanding records can proceed to the Master’s program and receive a Master’s degree in the following year by completing a Master’s thesis in English.

Faculty of Economics the Global Leaders Program

The “Global Leaders Program” in the Faculty of Economics features students taking more than 60% of the specialized-subject credits required for graduation entirely in English. Introductory classes in Economics are offered both in Japanese and English, and many of the specialized subjects are offered in English. It is essential to have in-depth specialized knowledge and problem-solving skills as well as excellent communication skills in English in order to be active as outstanding global leaders based on the current world situation, in which countries and regions closely influence each other. Moreover, real-world observation of the global economy, which students will gain through overseas fieldwork or study-abroad experience, will provide a strong foundation to facilitate their development at the practical level.