Regional Forum Will Be Held on November 24th

Events 2013.10.24


As a part of the “Go Global Japan” event being organized by the Support Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development, the 18 universities comprising the second regional block, East Japan, will host a forum on November 24th (Sun).
The forum will be divided into two sections. In the first section, Mr.Toshiyuki Shiga (COO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.) will deliver a keynote speech entitled “Global Human Resources to Win the Global Competition.” In the second section, the student teams selected from eight universities will each make an original presentation in English based on the main theme “Ideas to Change the World.”

Venue: Ochanomizu University
Access Map:
Admission: Free
Language: Japanese (aside from the English presentation by selected student teams)

Pre-registration is required. To register, please visit
and enter the necessary information by November 13th (JST).
*Instructions are in Japanese only.

Outline of the Keynote Speech
In this age of global competitiveness, Japanese people need to develop new skills to win and the ability to work alongside people from diverse cultures.
The strengths of Japan must be enhanced as well, like the spirit of “hospitality” and “developing people,” but our “modest” nature can sometimes be a disadvantage in this highly competitive world.
Today, my company, Nissan Motor Company, sells more than 80% of our vehicles abroad, and the globalization of our industry is proceeding rapidly. We are eager to have more people who can perform well internationally in order to develop our human resources and revitalize our management.
What we need most are confident young individuals who have the strength of will to step onto the global stage. This is my message to you, the people who will create the future.