What is the “Hitotsubashi-Style Global Leaders Program”?

The Launching of the “Hitotsubashi-Style Global Leaders Program”


Koji Murata, Board Member/ Executive Vice President for Research, International Affairs and Outreach


In April 2013, Hitotsubashi University launched the “Global Human Resource Development Program” to foster new “Captains of Industry” as Hitotsubashi-style global leaders for this global society. This program was selected for funding under the “Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development (Faculty/school-specific)”, directed by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Technology (MEXT) .

What are Hitotsubashi-Style Global Leaders?

We believe that at least the following six abilities will be necessary for our Hitotsubashi-style global leaders / Global Captains of Industry.

1. Setting agendas

The ability to identify specific issues in global society and raise them articulately.

2. Constructing theories based on real-world observations

The ability to logically examine and analyze issues pertaining to enterprises or markets in global society from a specialized perspective, as well as based on real-world observations.

3. Proposing policy recommendations to solve global issues

The ability to propose a new policy or system to enterprises, governments, and/or international society as a whole in order to solve various issues confronting global society such as world-wide financial crises, aging societies, and the global deterioration of the environment.

4. Innovating to reform the Japanese system

The ability to be innovative in proposing and implementing reforms of Japanese society, for many things relating to Japan itself must first be reformed if global issues are to be addressed.

5. Leading and setting global norms through logical reasoning and negotiation

The ability to develop persuasive arguments on the international stage in order to establish systems and norms for Japan which will materialize through reform of Japanese society to become world standards.

6. Developing excellent language and communication skills

The ability to logically persuade people from different backgrounds in either English or the local language. This is essential.

From a Starting Point in the Faculty of Commerce and Management, and the Faculty of Economics, to a University-wide Initiative

First, both the Faculty of Commerce and Management and the Faculty of Economics will be launching their own global leader programs (based on the university-wide education system, beginning with solid English skill classes). Following in the footsteps of their programs, the same type of programs will then be introduced in other faculties as well. Altogether, Hitotsubashi University aims to implement programs to foster global leaders on a university-wide scale.

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