Student Profile 6

Facing Challenges:
Seeking New Ways to Improve Myself

An interview with Yuma Nagase,
Faculty of Commerce and Management, third year
Member of the Shibusawa Scholar Program

Aiming to Be an Accountant in the Global Sphere

I had already decided to study abroad once I became a university student, so I chose Hitotsubashi because of the range of overseas options it offered. It was only after entering the university that I first learned about the Shibusawa Scholar Program (SSP). I decided to participate, hoping to better myself through facing new challenges.

All the students in the program get along well together since we take the Shibusawa Scholar seminar and many of the same classes in our second year. We recently discussed in our seminar the “qualities of global leaders” in English along with international students. The most impressive thing was some keywords we ended up with after presenting our opinions, namely, “enthusiasm” and “belief.” Even though the countries in question were different, the qualities required for a global leader remained the same. This was a real discovery for me. I think that being able to engage in an advanced discussion in English within Japan is one of the advantages of being part of the Hitotsubashi community.

Taking a class in accounting motivated me to pursue the path to be a CPA in the future. I plan to enhance my accounting knowledge while studying as an exchange student in Belgium during my third year. With my newfound global spirit, I hope to put my accounting expertise to work overseas.

Making the Most of Overseas Alumni Networks

Having access to support from alumni active overseas is a tremendous asset as a Hitotsubashi student. As part of the Shibusawa Scholar seminar, I had the opportunity to interview leaders in various industries through alumni and faculty networking. Hitotsubashi University offers a variety of generous scholarships to support study abroad. If you are serious about studying overseas, our university will definitely help make your dream come true!

Enjoying chatting with one of the SSP faculty members, Dr.Malen