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About this Project

About the Project for Promotion of
Global Human Resource Development

The Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development is a funding project that aims to overcome the Japanese younger generation’s “inward tendency” and to foster human resources who can positively meet the challenges and succeed in the global field, as the basis for improving Japan’ s global competitiveness and enhancing the ties between nations. Efforts to promote the internalization of university education in Japan will be given strong, priority support. Including type A (University-wide) and type B (Faculty/school-specific) applications together, 152 applications from 129 universities were received and screened. In the case of type B applications, for which Hitotsubashi University was selected, only 31 out of 111 applications were selected.

The outline of our Project for Promotion of
Global Human Resource Development is as follows:

Objectives, Specific Image of the Ideal Global Human Resource
Fostering global leaders equipped with the following 6 key abilities: (1)Constructing theories based on real-world observation, (2)Communicating in English and/or other languages fluently, (3) Innovating and reforming Japanese and global systems, (4)leading and setting global rules through logical reasoning and negotiations, (5)proposing policy recommendations to solve global issues, and (6)setting agendas.

6 key abilities

Summary of the Plan

We will select 15 top students from each faculty at the end of their first year to enroll in the Global Leaders Program. Our unique curriculum includes classes in English, as well as short-term and long-term study abroad in their third year. While developing a solid short-term study abroad system and career support, we also intend to expand the program university-wide.

For details about the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development, please see the official website of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Japan.

For a detailed outline of our project, please see the attached file.
“Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development” outline(PDF)